Whilst searching the Desert 70 miles South of Tonoapah sometime after 3 a.m. last nite for answer to his need for transport to his Double-Header Weekend at The Sand Dollar and Saddle'n'Spurs Saloon, Howlin' King stumbled into a strangely familiar looking visage....an elderly man was digging in the sand totally lost in his own quest.  The King tapped on his stooped shoulder and the man slowly looked up.  The Face! I know that face thought Howlin'.  And he thought back to his childhood, when he neglected his homework to peer at issues of MAD Magazine.... Could it be? The answer came quickly.  "I am Alfred E. Neuwman and I am here to help."  The King was flummoxed.  "What do I need to do?"   and the elderly gent offered up a handful of mushrooms and strange herbs.."Eat up and think about where you need to be and you will!"  And the Lost King did as he was instructed and soon lost consciousness and found himself flying over the desert towards that Oasis that is Lost Veg Ass!"

Copyright 2015. Howlin' King Crawdad. All rights reserved.